If we had a tool to tell us what documents to keep and a place to keep them – we could have settled my Dad's estate without any guesswork.[our story]

About LifeinCase®

Life can throw us a curve ball: downsizing, divorce, death, even hurricanes or fire and flood. Are you prepared? Would you know what documents to bring with you or where they were if you needed to find them in a hurry?

Originally created after the loss of my father, LifeinCase®, a new convenient document storage solution strives to cut through the clutter that years of poor document storage can create and provides an easy to use portable document storage system.

LifeinCase™ organizes documents into an intuitive five-part system: Personal, Medical, Property, Estate, and Financial each featuring a durable file folder and handy checklist of suggested documents to store. This tough, 500-sheet capacity grab-n-go tote is perfect for any fire-proof safe or within arms-reach.

Cutting through years of clutter can be stressful – with LifeinCase, all you need to do is read the checklist on the folder, place the document in the folder and place it in the LifeinCase tote for safe keeping and easy access. Whether you have a system you use currently or this is your system – LifeinCase will help manage all that is essential to you!

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