It’s Tax Time… do you know where your documents are?

January 28th, 2014


As Benjamin Franklin said: “… nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes.”

If you just sighed or felt your stomach tighten at the thought of getting prepared for tax time you are not alone!  As we gather all of the documents we need to give our CPAs  – most of us resolve to get ourselves organized to make this procedure less painful this year and in the future.

A great place to start to answer some question you may have about what documents you may need is the IRS website featuring top 10 Tax tips:

Now that you have some insight into what you need to look for… the question is – where do you now organize your documents?   

As members of NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers, we are privileged to work alongside professional organizers that offer assistance in helping you make your everyday living more organized! As part of their services and as part of their document organization systems, many organizers use LifeinCase® as a great way to begin a larger document organization projects and to cut through the clutter that years of poor document storage can create – not just at tax time but year round.

It’s really a simple system: LifeinCase® organizes 50 essential documents into an intuitive five-part system: Personal, Medical, Property, Estate, and Financial each featuring a durable file folder and handy checklist of suggested documents to store. This tough, 500-sheet capacity grab-n-go tote is perfect for any fire-proof safe or within arms-reach.

Imagine being able to identify what financial documents are essential to keep and being able to locate your W-2s and 1099s, copy of recent income tax returns, copy of stocks, bonds, savings bonds and other securities, list of credit cards, credit contracts, agreements, records of credit payments and account statements as well as all the other Personal, Medical, Estate and Property documents you need to wrap your taxes up with ease.

Have a home business?

If you have a home business, you may also want to consider using MobiLogic as a companion product to LifeinCase®, this cloud solution fits right! Although there are just some documents where a scanned copy won’t do, with MobiLogic you can customize your system to match your business and organize your paper files outlined in LifeinCase® checklists, your electronic data, research, media, supplies, then archive it, secure it and easily find it later. MobiLogic adjusts to changes in your staff, demands or seasons etc.

For more office productivity tips.. check out:

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