I can't be the only person who would love a simple way of knowing what documents are important and where to find them when you need them.[our story]


If you have experienced the death of a loved one you are familiar with the amount of paperwork and important decisions that need to be made soon after the funeral to ensure benefits are received and to facilitate the settlement of the estate. LifeinCase™ places important documents at your fingertips no matter what life brings.

As part of a five-part system, the LifeinCase™ Estate file offers easy storage of essential estate documents such as a list of attorneys and contact information, signed copy of will/trusts, copy of life insurance policy/agent contact information, name of executor etc. Just store your documents, grab LifeinCase™, and go.

Have peace of mind during this difficult time! With 5 removable file folders holding up to 500 sheets of paper and a durable portable case to store in your fireproof safe or within arms reach - LifeinCase™ takes the guesswork out of your estate document organization.

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