After two years of research and development, we created a storage solution that strives to cut through the clutter that years of poor document storage can create.[our story]

How It Works

Cutting through years of clutter can be stressful – with LifeinCase, all you need to do is read the checklist on the folder, place the document in the folder and place it in the LifeinCase tote for safe keeping and easy access. Whether you have a system you use currently or this is your system – LifeinCase will help manage all that is essential to you.

Each LifeinCase includes:

Let's face it: some change is great like moving to a new home, getting married or heading off to college but some change is not what we asked for – like divorce, medical issues, or even downsizing to a smaller home or assisted living – whether it's good or bad; change still happens so we might as well be prepared for it!

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