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I own a small business and my personal and business documents overlap - how do I organize that?

At LifeinCase, we understand the importance of having your essential personal documents organized and handy when you need them. Because many people also own businesses we at LifeinCase have partnered with MobilLogic® - a powerful web-based tool to organize your life and your business.

Can I really match my LifeinCase files online and add or update when I choose?

Used as a companion product to LifeinCase, this cloud solution fits right! With MobilLogic® you can customize your system to match your business and organizes your paper files outlined in LifeinCase checklists, your electronic data, research, media, supplies, then archive it, secure it and easily find it later. MobilLogic® adjusts to changes in your staff, demands or seasons etc.

Developed by Lee Donald, a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Lee understands the needs businesses and organizers have for themselves and their clients.

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