LifeinCase® gives us cause to reevaluate and plan ahead for the future so when life throws us a curve ball, we'll be ready for it!

Our Story

It's 1AM, my otherwise healthy Dad is being rushed to the hospital - he never returned. My father passed away suddenly of a brain aneurysm that night and we were in shock and left to sort through a lifetime's worth of papers that were crammed into multiple file cabinets, envelopes, and lock boxes throughout the house.

Although my father, a 30 year Navy man, did have his own "system" for storing papers there were just so many of them it was nearly impossible to find the documents we really needed - making an already difficult time worse for my family.

After this experience, many things went through my mind - I thought there has to be an easier way to organize and store essential documents and I can't be the only person who would love a simple way of knowing what documents are important and where to find them when you need them.  It was then the idea of LifeinCase® was born.

After two years of research and development, we created a storage solution that strives to cut through the clutter that years of poor document storage can create.  LifeinCase® organizes documents into an intuitive five-part system: Personal, Medical, Property, Estate, and Financial each featuring a durable file folder and handy checklist of suggested documents to store – taking the guesswork out of what to keep.

You're in CA and wild fires or floods are coming - you have five minutes to evacuate your home –would you know what documents to grab?  You are going through a divorce and need to locate and separate your financial and property documents – where do you start?  You have just lived through hurricane Katrina – can you find your insurance documents?  You're moving – do you leave your documents for movers?

LifeinCase® is tough and portable.  Its 500-sheet capacity grab-n-go tote is more durable than the flimsy accordion folders of the past with no complicated computer programs, no  online services that require scanning of documents and no hefty membership fees.  It is easy document storage – plain and simple.

LifeinCase® helps you plan for life.  Whether you are "organized" like my Dad or terminally disorganized like myself, LifeinCase® offers an easy, effective, portable solution placing essential documents at your fingertips no matter what life brings.

Order today and get your organization on track!