I can't be the only person who would love a simple way of knowing what documents are important and where to find them when you need them.[our story]


In today's changing economic times when buying or selling a home – or even refinancing - along with having a great credit score, you'll need to have documentation to show your property's worth, a property valuation, and information on other property you may own etc. Are you prepared to make the move?

LifeinCase™ allows you to have essential property documents at your fingertips no matter what life brings. As part of a five-part system, the LifeinCase™ Property file offers easy storage and a handy checklist of essential property documents such as property titles (including those for vehicles), list of any existing mortgages, loans or lien documents, copy of tax assessment notices, purchase contracts, records of capital improvements etc. Just store your documents, grab LifeinCase™, and go.

Don't let disorganization stand between you and opportunity! With 5 removable file folders holding up to 500 sheets of paper and a durable portable case to store in your fireproof safe or within arms reach - LifeinCase™ keeps your property documentation at hand.

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